Independent Thinkers

Our guests will be provided with a world class experience at PlaySmartz. We provide an environment that has STEAM--Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math-- built into it.  As our guests develop valuable skill sets in theses areas they will also exercise self-guided independent-thinking skills that will benefit them for a lifetime! We've gone through great lengths to ensure that nurturing creativity is part of the equation.

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Problem Solving & Free-Thinking Skills

Equip your kids with the mindset and skills that will enrich them for a lifetime. We encourage free-thinking and problem solving while engaging in play and immersing in STEAM topics.

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Homeschoolers Welcome!

Expose your children to the best in the industry when it comes to technology and programming right here in Murrieta! Our lead instructor regularly meets with the leading innovation companies such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google. We are a valuable resource to parents who are Homeschooling their children.  We can customize the courses to meet your needs.

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The PlaySmartz Advantage

Our guests receive guidance by the best in the industry! Our staff has been providing innovative technology solutions and guidance to global Fortune 100 companies for over 25 years.  They are at the forefront of the latest cloud computing, mobile and programming technologies.




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Play, Think, Learn!